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“just sit down and write. That’s all.
-- Wole Soyinka

About Us

“Just Sit Down And Write”

Our mission is encapsulated in the name we bear; BuntuAfrik. Buntu is derived from Wolof word (language spoken mainly in Senegal) to signify the entry way, or more specifically the “door”.  Hence, BuntuAfrik can be translated as “The door to Africa.” What a fitting name for a site that purposes to “Open” the African Continent to the rest of the world!

Our mission therefore encompasses the need to provide substantial contribution in all aspect of life; social, cultural and alike, with keen perceptive power of the primary actors. Africa is filled with talents, potentials and resources. But often time, these talents go unnoticed or misdirected and even wasted simply because of the lack of information, or opportunities, and at time, the absence of structures (media) capable of channeling these assets. Information by all account is the power that is fueling the world economy today; and being in possession of the right information at the right time is invaluable. BuntuAfrik must become a repository of information that allows the African continent to provide information on demand.

Wole Soyinka (a well-known Poet from Nigeria) wrote, “Just sit down and write. That’s all.” Never before in mankind history, had stylus displays its power to move events, to change thinking and start revolutions. From Tunis to Cairo, from Benghazi to Holms the Internet continues to wield its power, changing thoughts and governments, cultures and environments; who will dare to say the world has not changed?

To keep pace with the changes affecting our continent, BuntuAfrik would like to invite all of you to submit Articles, pictures, Video that pertain our dear continue; specifics that can leave with our audience something to grow with.

As US President Mr. B. Obama was quoted saying; “words have power”, in another word, what Wole Soyinka had long discerned is simply this; “exert your power”. BuntuAfrik will deliver timely and well thought spectrum of views, knowledge, ranging from well-known African personalities, educators, professionals, business communities, statements, students, ordinary and not so ordinary people. From the well weaved straw huts in the far flown corner of the continent to the buzzing slums in Nairobi; from the hilly slopes of the prairies of Mumbassa to the barely visible top of the Fouta; “just sit down and write.”  For nothing stands still any longer, but everything is changing, constantly at the pace of a constant oscillation of the pendulum of the world famously suspended on the “ceiling” that we fondly call the World Wide Web.  Africa must not stand still; Africa must oscillate along and with the pendulum; Africa must go along with the change. Welcome to BuntuAfrik!